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Hi, my name's Nick - I review SaaS platforms and business software. I'm also the head of design at a rapidly growing fintech company.

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What's this site about?

The three main topics are:

Business Software

I compare, review, and recommend business software to help companies solve problems. 

SaaS Reviews

I review Software-as-a-Service companies based on my background as a UX/UI designer.

Making Money

I help you find the best software, tools, and strategies to help your business make more money. 

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About Nick Patrocky

Nick is a UX/UI designer, SaaS reviewer, business software reviewer, and blogger. He enjoys designing user interfaces and planning the entire user experience from start to finish. Nick’s worked with over 150+ clients from countries all around the globe. Nick also enjoys reviewing companies mobile apps, web apps, and websites. If you want to know what it takes to be an app designer, or what it takes to be a successful freelancer, check out his blog. If you’re interested in contacting Nick, feel free to use the contact form on this site or check out his social media below.


Check out what people are saying...

Nick is the perfect package. Really smart, really good at what he does and is really easy to work with. He brought our project to life with diligence, dedication, and will definitely work with him again in the future. An absolute star.

Amar Magon - CEO, Aroga

Nick asks all the right questions and his deliverables are always on time. Not only can he write, he understands our business (tech startup in Silicon Valley). He is extremely organized. We're so lucky to have him on our team.

Brad Owen - CEO, NeverBounce

Nick is one of the best designers i've worked with. Very patient, knowledgable, creative, and professional. I had a great experience with Nick and you won't be disappointed!! :)

Tim Han - CEO, Success Insider

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