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About Me

My name's Nick Patrocky and I've been building client websites since around 2008.  I love helping people bring their visions to life. I quickly realized that building a website is only the first step to a successful business. Client's slowly began to come to me to help drive traffic to their sites and that's when I dove head first into everything digital marketing. 

What Clients Have Said

Amar S. Magon

CEO / Co Founder - Aroga

"Nick is the perfect package. Really smart, really good at what he does and is really easy to work with. He brought our project to life with diligence, dedication, and will definitely work with him again in the future. An absolute star."

Chris Daigle

Owner - Daygull Strategic

"Great work, and I'm very happy with the site. Would refer Nick to others for sure!"

Frank Gray

Healthcare Venture Founder/CEO

"Nick helped my Client's responsive website bugs and worked over a weekend to do it. He is my go-to developer."

Tim Han

Founder - Success Insider

"I've been struggling with finding the right website programmer for many years now who not only knows how to create a good looking site but most importantly understands what makes users most likely to convert into customers. I was almost at the brink of giving up until I found Nick as he delivered exactly what I was looking for and provided incredible support and communication throughout the entire project. I highly recommend him if you're wanting a world-class website programmer and a designer!"