Income Report – July 2022

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Income Report - July 2022

So it’s been 2 months since I relaunched my site

Here’s the progress I’ve made so far compared to last month:


  • Blog Posts = 38 ➡ 44 (+6)
  • Total Word Count = 121,669 ➡ 154,128 (+32,459)

I added 6 new blog posts this month and a total of 32k+ words.

  • Tools = 0 ➡ 125 (+125)
  • Total Tool Word Count = 0 ➡ 187,500 (+187,500)

I also added custom, free tools to my site. With those tools, I added 125 posts explaining how to use those free tools.


  • Domain Rating in ahrefs = 9 ➡ 27 (+18)
  • Backlinks in ahrefs = 96 ➡ 151 (+55)
  • Referring Domains in ahrefs = 49 ➡ 81 (+32)

ahrefs traffic July 2022

Was also able to get my health score to 100. Not sure that’ll help SEO but can’t hurt.
Organic keywords are up like 10x, which is awesome.

Traffic went from 3 to 200+. Love it.

Guest Posts

  • Guest Post Being Written = 0 ➡ 3 (+3)
  • Guest Posts Published = 6 ➡ 10 (+4)
  • Guest Post Scheduled to Publish = 9 (+9)

Going to remove some stats here because they don’t make sense. Just leaving the most important ones.

I only got 4 Guest Posts published which is terrible. I have 9 waiting to be published but I wish more of them would have been published this month.

Got some big plans to dramatically increase email outreach but I need to wait 4-6 weeks while I warm up my outreach email addresses.

The goal next month is to get at least 10 Guest Posts published.

Affiliate Networks Joined

  • Affiliate networks joined = 0

Won’t waste time on anything affiliate related for the next 30 days still.

Income Generated = $0

I still haven’t made any income yet, as planned.

Traffic from the last 28 Days

(Previous Month)

30 Clicks

16.3K Impressions

(This Month)

120 Clicks (~300% increase)

71.1K Impressions (~336% increase)

Gogole Search Console July 2022


I’ve got to work harder and smarter.

I’m not doing all that I can to get links and post more content.

I’ve got some big plans for the next two months to ramp these numbers up.

Let’s see if they work.

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