Income Report – June 2022

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Income Report - June 2022

So it’s been 1 month since I relaunched my site

Here’s the progress I’ve made so far compared to last month:


  • Blog Posts = 10 ➡ 38 (+28)
  • Total Word Count = 40,840 ➡ 121,669 (+80,829)

I added 28 new blog posts this month and a total of 80k+ words. I effectively tripled the amount of content I have on my site.

The average blog post was ~2,886 words.


  • Domain Rating in ahrefs = 2 ➡ 9 (+7)
  • Back Links in ahrefs = 38 ➡ 96 (+58)

Solid visible growth. Tactics seem to be working. Of course, I wish it was faster progress but I’m learning patience.

Working on my personal domain name and seeing the momentum is awesome because it makes me not want to quit.

Guest Posts

  • Guest Post Outreach Emails = 0 ➡ 56 (+56)
    • LinkedIn Outreachs Sent = 0 ➡ 692 (+692)
  • Guest Post Being Written = 0 ➡ 5 (+5)
  • Guest Posts Published = 0 ➡ 6 (+6)
  • Guest Post Scheduled to Publish = 0 ➡ 1 (+1)
  • Guest Post Topics Pitched (awaiting approval) = 0 ➡ 14 (+14)

I started by sending 10-15 emails each day but I started to run into deliverability and spam issues. I shifted my focus to mostly LinkedIn outreach. I’m seeing about a ~10% response rate to outreach there (InMail + Connects). The replies are probably 50:50 positive/negative. Not sure about the exact math but I can see it’s working. Will continue with LinkedIn daily.

I’m also going to resume email outreach but with less volume (~5/day) and more targeted and personalized messages.

Need to increase my link velocity.


  • HARO Responses = 0 ➡ 49 (+49)

I replied to all the daily HARO requests in my niche for 30 days but I only got 1 backlink out of this effort. I’m going to pause these efforts for the next 30 days and see if any more backlinks trickle in. I think my time is better spent on guest posts outreach and pitching topics.

If more backlinks appear, I’ll reassess these efforts.

Affiliate Networks Joined

  • Affiliate networks joined = 0

Won’t waste time on anything affiliate related for the next 60 days still.

Income Generated = $0

I still haven’t made any income yet, as planned.

Traffic from the last 28 Days

(Previous Month)

3 Clicks

60 Impressions

Website traffic from the last 28 days

(This Month)

30 Clicks (+900%)

16.3K Impressions (+27,066%)


I’m seeing progress. It’s encouraging to see. I’m getting motivated just writing this month’s update.

Now that I’ve got a solid foundation of content to link to on my site, I’m going to place more emphasis on Guest Posts going forward.

I will also plan on circling back and updating all of the posts I have so far (update the layout, add content, etc.)

Focus ➡ “Good Content & Quality Links”

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