Income Report – May 2022

Updated By Nick Patrocky on June 3, 2022  |  Income Reports 

Income Report - May 2022

This month I relaunched my site

Leveraging my career as a lead UX/UI designer, I focus on design, app reviews, software reviews, and blogging. It’s competitive, but I don’t care because it’s what I’m interested in and experience.


  • Blog Posts = 10
  • Total Word Count = 40,840

I started with pillar posts based on my experience and some “best of” transactional posts for products that I like and use.

I’ve noticed I need to create some more linkable content as I start reaching out to do guest posts.


  • Domain Rating in ahrefs = 2
  • Back Links in ahrefs = 38

Pretty weak website profile, but everybody’s got to start somewhere. This website used to be live as a straightforward portfolio website with no content. No idea where the backlinks are coming from, and they just seem like random spammy ones

Guest Posts

  • Guest Post Outreach Emails = 0
  • Guest Post Being Written = 0
  • Guest Post Scheduled = 0
  • Guest Posts Published = 0

I’ve built out a nice list of target websites that I will reach out to. The plan is to send 10 emails each day with 2 follow-up emails after two business days of no response. I’m using LinkedIn and to find the exact right person to email and using Mixmax to track emails.


  • HARO Responses = 0

I plan on replying to all the daily HARO requests in my niche as well.

Affiliate Networks Joined

  • Affiliate networks joined = 0

I will not be worried about generating affiliate income in the first 90 days. I may join some programs and add the links, but I don’t expect much. I will focus more on this after building my initial domain authority.

Income Generated = $0

I haven’t made any income yet.

Traffic from the last 28 Days –

3 Clicks

60 Impressions

Website traffic from the last 28 days

Nothing in terms of search.


Just try to get 1% better each day.

It’s nice working on my name as the domain. It’s something I won’t give up on. I plan on having it until I die, whether it accomplishes my goals or not.