Web Design & Development

All of my website projects are done on a case-by-case basis. 

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What Does the Process Look Like?

Step 1 - Planning & Discovery Meeting

The client and I go over the main goal for the website, design considerations, and confirm the timeline and budget.

Step 2 - Sitemap And Wireframes

The outline of the website's pages and black & white blueprints of the website's layout are created & confirmed. 

Step 3 - Design Compositions

These are flat design files that show a full-color preview of exactly what the site will look like (w/o any functionality). 

Step 4 - Development

Once the design comps are approved, i'll take those designs and implement them into a fully-responsive website. 

Step 5 - QA Testing

I'll then test the client's site across all devices, check the copy for typos, and try to break the site by clicking every link.

Step 6

Final approval and launch

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