Approved Products

Check out some of our approved and recommended services below:



Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly called G Suite) is the best collection of business software available today. Their world-renowned email service is miles ahead of any competitors. On top of that - Calender, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, make this by far the best business software suite on the market today.



Thrive Themes

If you build anything using WordPress, then you need to start using Thrive Themes. Instead of paying for multiple different plugins, you can get them all in one. Normally you need to pay for a lead gen plugin (OptinMonster, etc.), WYSIWYG builder (Elementor, etc.), Quiz builder, A/B split testing plugin, Comments plugin, and more. With Thrive Themes, you get it all for one price, which is less then even one of those plugins on their own.




Namecheap is my go-to domain and hosting provider. They offer the best pricies in the industry. Their customer service is truly 24/7 and always get your problem resolved. There may be slighty faster hosts out there and other more premium options, but Namecheap can handle any modern businesses needs with ease.




ActiveCampaign is the crème de la crème of email autoresponders. It's also a full-fledged CRM to boot. Don't be drawn in by other providers free tier offerings. ActiveCampaign is the most intuative and easy-to-use service on the market. Pay the super affordable entry costs for ActiveCampaign and you won't be disappointed.