The 19 Best AI Chatbot Solutions: Automating Business Processes

Updated on October 9, 2022  |  App Reviews, AI 

Chatbots are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses, with more and more companies turning to artificial intelligence chatbot solutions. 

The best AI chatbots can automate many business processes such as customer service, sales, and human resources. It’s pretty sweet!

They can respond like a real person by responding based on scripts or machine learning applications.

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ManyChat is an AI chatbot firm that offers AI chatbots to both individual and commercial users.

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Conversica is a chatbot driven by artificial intelligence that engages customers and connects them to companies in a tailored manner. Icon provides a platform for devs to create conversational interfaces for apps using human-like voice recognition and machine learning tech.

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SmartLoop is a chatbot platform that automates corporate procedures and improves customer service.

This article will discuss 19 of the best AI chatbot solutions currently available that meet your needs no matter what industry you work in!

The 18 Best AI Chatbots

Manychat home

ManyChat (

ManyChat is a AI chatbot company that provides artificial intelligence chatbots for individual and enterprise customers.

ManyChat has several modules that offer different features such as 1) Messaging, 2) Live Chat, 3) Shopping Cart, 4) Customer Feedback, 5) Employee Engagement. 

I tested the message module, which allowed me to create a simple chatbot with a few lines of code. 

The next step was to assign it to the best channel for me, Facebook Messenger, since I am familiar with this platform. 

There are also options for SMS and email if you want to use these channels.

Conversica Home

Conversica (

Conversica is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that engages customers and connects them to businesses in a personalized way.

Conversica does not use scripts or set rules. 

Instead, the AI chatbot learns from customer interactions and tailors its responses to fit each customer’s unique personality type best. 

Conversica connects businesses directly in their preferred messaging channel such as email, Facebook Messenger, and more. Home ( is a company founded in 2013 and released the beta version of its API in 2015. offers developers a way to build conversational interfaces for applications with human-like speech recognition and machine learning technologies. 

Wit looks at a text conversation, listens to what people are saying, and learns from their conversations to automatically form replies to questions they may ask in the future. 

This natural language understanding technology is similar to something like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. 

Still, it is much more affordable for small teams or startups looking for ways to use AI and NLP to improve their customer interactions without enormous development costs.

Smartloop Home

SmartLoop (

SmartLoop is a chatbot platform that is designed to automate business processes and provide enhanced customer service. 

The software can be used in any organization, and it does not matter the size or industry. 

They offer customers a way to do more with fewer resources. 

SmartLoop was created by an AI team that has many years of experience in AI and machine learning. 

They believe that chatbots will soon become the most natural way to interact with humans, and they want to build the best-in-class solution for their customers.

Landbot Home

Landbot (

Landbot has built a chatbot that you can use to automate your business processes. 

The chatbot is designed to work independently from a human operator, and it provides responses based on a combination of predefined scripts and machine learning applications.

With Landbot, you can replace your phone system with an automated phone agent that offers customer support, sales, and HR functions without the need for any external service provider or expensive upgrades. 

You can also create custom solutions for personal or enterprise needs, such as HR recruitment tools, customer care solutions, lead generation tools, eCommerce integrations, and more.

Landbot is simple to integrate with apps of your choice through its API. 

It currently supports platforms such as SAP CRM/Leader, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.

Genesys Home

Genesys (

The Genesys solution is a customer service and sales automation software solution. 

The solution enables enterprises to automate customer care, marketing, and sales processes. 

The software allows organizations to deliver personalized, contextualized interactions at scale to meet customer needs quickly and more often. It also provides cross-channel interactions through a single platform.

This software is best suited for medium to large organizations with an established customer base because it offers features such as:

– Agent Role Management: This allows you to define different roles and set rules using machine learning algorithms

– Agent Determination: Helps in determining the best agent to respond to a customer request by checking which agent has the most time to resolve the issue

– Workforce Management: Provides workforce forecasting and scheduling based on business rules. This makes it possible to allocate agents for specific campaigns, products, or customers

– Data Management Platform (DMP): This Lets you create a data warehouse with customer profiles using machine learning algorithms to help in predictive analytics and targeted messaging through campaign management tools

– Web Chat: Enables agents to provide support through a secure web chat interface

– Mobile App Integration: This Lets you integrate the mobile app with different contact channels such as voice, email, and social media. This enables customers to receive assistance from anywhere by logging in using their phone number when they need help.

itsalive Home

itsAlive (

It’s Alive is a newly-launched chatbot company based in the Bay Area. They offer seven different chatbot platforms to help your business grow:

  1. ✓ Customer Service Chatbots
  2. ✓ Sales Chatbots
  3. ✓ Human Resources Chatbots
  4. ✓ NLP Expert Chatbots
  5. ✓ Social Media and Community Management Chatbots
  6. ✓ Buyer Agency Chatbots
  7. ✓ AI Voice Assistant Bots 

It’s Alive has a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use. 

This platform was designed with small to medium-sized business owners in mind, which is why you don’t need any programming experience to set up your fully customizable chatbot within minutes.

Botsify Home

Botsify (

Botsify’s main differentiator is that they do not work with businesses that engage with customers in regulated sectors, including financial services, retail wealth, or healthcare. 

Instead, their focus is on providing chatbots to companies that offer retail and digital marketing services.

Botsify’s chatbot builder platform has prebuilt integrations with various software solutions, including Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Zapier, or Zoho CRM, making it easy for organizations in the sales and service sector to get started.

Botsify offers a free plan for small businesses and startups that allows unlimited conversations with the AI chatbot builder platform, which includes an HTML card editor and Facebook Messenger integration. 

Botsify’s paid plans start at $25 per month for up to 500 active users (with no time limit on bot development).

Pandorabots Home

Pandorabots (

Pandorabots is a chatbot creation platform that allows you to create chatbots on desktop and mobile within minutes. 

The bot creator includes a drag-and-drop interface, built-in natural language processing, and many pre-built templates.

The company has provided chatbots for various purposes like customer service, sales, and human resources.

A chatbot is programmed to work independently from a human operator. It can answer questions formulated to it in natural language and respond like a real person. 

Pandorabots has created an environment where companies can integrate chatbots into their business to automate customer service, sales, and human resources.

IBM Home

IBM Watson Assistant (

The IBM Watson Assistant is a chatbot application that can help you do anything from asking for your horoscope to playing jeopardy. 

This chatbot has many different skills and can assist in communicating with customers, creating new products, and speaking with other bots. 

IBM Watson Assistant is an excellent example of an AI chatbot that can help you make intelligent decisions when looking into your business operations and marketing strategies. 

This chatbot guides customer service, sales, human resources, and innovation.

Hubspot Home

HubSpot Chatbot Builder (

The Chatbot Builder by Hubspot was created to help businesses develop chatbots that can automate customer service and other business processes. 

The Chatbot Builder intends to make it easy for businesses to get a chatbot up and running. 

When creating a chatbot, one can simply choose from a list of chatbots, answer questions about the business needs, answer questions about what the bot should know, customize how the bot talks to customers as well as choose how they would like the bot’s personality, and then publish it.

There are many benefits to using this service. 

Businesses are no longer limited by time or budget when designing their bots. 

It also helps with providing a personalized experience for customers who may not be able to be serviced by a human. 

The chatbot can reach out to customers with the information they need and notify them of important updates that may have been missed otherwise.

Vergic Home

Vergic (

Vergic is a company that specializes in the development of artificial intelligence chatbots. 

The company is a business partner of Oracle, one of the leading providers in cloud computing and enterprise software. 

Vergic’s chatbots can take over simple customer service queries for enterprises that need an immediate solution to help their customers with common problems such as password resets without having to rely on human support staff. 

The AI chatbot platform developed by Vergic is a SaaS solution that runs on the Oracle Cloud platform, making it easy for companies to integrate their existing systems with the chatbot.

Chatfuel Home

Chatfuel (

Chatfuel is an AI chatbot that makes creating and editing chatbots easy. It is an excellent alternative to other similar services. 

Chatbots are an inexpensive way to reduce customer service costs, increase sales, create automation, and control lead generation. 

Chatfuel’s dashboard is also mobile compatible, which means it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

It is an excellent choice for those that are just getting started with chatbots.

Rasa Home

Rasa (

Rasa enables instant natural language conversations from artificial intelligence (AI) and human agents. 

It simplifies creating a chatbot while also connecting to customer databases for advanced AI combined with a human touch. 

Rasa enables bots to naturally communicate with users, understand complex requests and perform tasks. 

It provides a simple interface for developers without any machine learning knowledge required.

Rasa now powers the customer service chatbot of leading tech publisher O’Reilly Media (ORM). Home ( is an artificial intelligence chatbot that helps you find and book a reliable marketplace service provider in your area. It has access to over 50,000 verified providers and 16 million reviews.

Reply also finds the best deals from providers in your area, offers free scheduling—and even handles price negotiations for you, so you can get what you need at an affordable price. Home ( is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can be integrated with your website and easily configured to answer any customer’s questions. 

The best part about Boost.AI is that it lets you build conversational understanding for totally new categories of businesses, products, and services in the shortest amount of time possible. 

I’ve seen a lot of success with this chatbot-powered customer service solution from Boost AI! Home ( is one of the best AI chatbot solutions to simplify and automate a business process by saving both time and money. provides machine learning applications that are customized for an organization’s unique needs. 

This artificial intelligence chatbot offers two key features: marketing and sales. 

For marketing, automates email outreach and other customized tasks to increase lead generation and sales conversions.

For sales, this chatbot solution helps organizations generate high-quality leads through predictive analytics that automate the initial stages of a customer’s journey toward becoming a lead or paying customer.

Mantra Ai Home

Mantra AI (

Mantra AI is a conversational bot that can converse with your customers and help them use your product or service. 

Mantra AI uses artificial intelligence to mimic human conversation, providing a natural and engaging experience for customers and businesses.

Mantra AI provides you with a user interface where you can design the most meaningful conversations for your company. 

It also offers features like replying to emails, setting up conference calls, handling customer service requests, and scheduling meetings. 

No coding skills are necessary to create powerful bot experiences- it’s as easy as pie. Home ( is a chatbot service that provides AI solutions to businesses. provides a chatbot via the web, SMS, and Facebook Messenger, integrating with customer relationship management software (CRM). 

The best part about is that it offers a free trial for its premium product, including unlimited messaging for a month for one user on the free plan. 

It starts at $36/month per user to get the best of’s features, including unlimited messages and custom scripting/training.


In conclusion, the best AI chatbots are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses. 

The best AI chatbot can automate many business processes such as customer service, sales, and human resources.  

While there are many chatbot solutions, the best AI chatbots offer machine learning applications that automate business tasks. 

To learn more about other artificial intelligence tools or get in touch with a customer service representative at one of those companies today!

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