DapperDox Review (2023): An Open Source Documentation Tool

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DapperDox Review An Open Source Documentation Tool

A new tool has been created for those who want to generate documentation or reference manuals.

DapperDox is an open-source software application that allows you to quickly build your content management system (CMS) based on the wiki concept.

The interface resembles web-based software applications like WordPress and Joomla, allowing a wide range of users with different skill sets to access it in their preferred manner from either a desktop browser or mobile devices such as an iPad or iPhone.

DapperDox Review

What is DapperDox?

What is DapperDox

DapperDox is an open-source documentation tool that allows you to create and maintain beautiful documentation for your software projects easily. The developer of DapperDox is the author of the software. It’s built on top of the excellent Jekyll static site generator and is fully compatible with GitHub Pages. In one quick step, you can create a new project in DapperDox. You’ll get a fully functioning documentation site that’s ready for you to start writing.

DapperDox lets you produce rich, browsable reference websites for your APIs. It seamlessly combines your specifications with documentation, guides, and diagrams.


DapperDox Features

DapperDox Classic and Pro features such as “Page Templates” allow the user to create a template for an entire page. These templates can include all the components needed to create a page, including formatting, macros, images, and more. This can be useful for creating templates that are used throughout the site.

DapperDox Pro also features “Content Blocks.” Content Blocks are similar to Widgets but can contain much more information and have a more advanced layout.

DapperDox Pro also includes a built-in version control system called “Revisions.” Revisions allow you to create different versions of pages and then compare them to see the differences.

DapperDox Classic also includes “Widgets.” Widgets are a more advanced way of creating reusable content. For example, you can create a widget that provides all the information about an employee, including their name, picture, and contact details. Then you can use that widget on any page on the site.

Below is the list of other features of this tool:

– Built-in templates for various projects such as tutorials, API documentation, and more.

– Customizable templates for projects that don’t fit into a predefined category.

– Support multiple output formats such as HTML, PDF, and EPUB.

– Built-in support for Google AnalyticsDisqus, and other services that allow you to track your documentation’s usage.

– Built-in support for creating PDF snapshots of your documentation.

– Support for embedding videos from Vimeo and YouTube.

– Support for embedding screenshots in your documentation.

– Built-in support for creating a table of contents based on headings in your source files.

– Support for creating cross-references to other topics in your documentation.

User Experience

User Experience

I found DapperDox to be an excellent tool for documenting API. It was easy to use and had a lot of features that made it helpful. I found Dapperdox amazing. The tool was easy to learn and use. The usability of DapperDox was excellent as well. I was able to create complete API documentation right away.

The user experience was good. I had no issues caused by the tool, and it worked well with what I needed to do.

Dapperdox Design

Dapperdox Design

The design of DapperDox was perfect. The tool had a lot of features that made it easy to document an API.

DapperDox Documentation

DapperDox Documentation

The documentation was excellent. It had a lot of examples that helped me get started, and the tool itself was well-documented. It had a lot of features, and the design made it easy to use those features.

DapperDox Scripting

DapperDox Scripting

The scripting in DapperDox Pro was good. I could do what I needed to, and it worked well with the rest of the tool.

I would recommend DapperDox to anyone who wants an open-source documentation tool that is easy to use and works well with other tools. It has a lot of features and is easy to use.


DapperDox Support

Dapperdox is a product that allows you to create and send email templates from your browser. It is easy to use and has a friendly user interface. Dapperdox Helpdesk also supports multiple languages. Dapperdox Helpdesk is an excellent tool for creating and sending email templates.

Dapperdox Live Chat is an online chat application that supports multiple languages. It has a friendly user interface and supports various languages. Dapperdox Live Chat is an excellent tool for creating online chat applications.

With Dapperdox Classic and Pro, the support was good. I had a few questions that were answered quickly and effectively. I had no issues caused by the tool, and it worked well with what I needed to do. The documentation also helped me find the answers to my questions

What I Like

There are many factors that I like about this platform. The example HTML template provides a basic overview of how HTTP headers work. It has good performance; as of now, the DapperDox is performing well. Other things I like are the following:

  1. Excellent Support: DapperDox Support is excellent and valuable, helping you with any questions or issues you may have.
  2. You can customize how your website’s data is displayed in the browser: It allows you to customize how your website looks and behaves for different users.
  3. The example HTML template uses HTTP headers to provide information about the page, such as the server’s name where the page is hosted.
  4. Excellent layout: The DapperDox design is perfect and makes it easy for people to follow up with interest promptly.

What I Dislike

Considering not everything is perfect, what I also dislike is that DapperDox does not meet all of your needs. It didn’t have a way to export the document as a PDF or other file type.

  1. The API specification is not rendered to HTML: The API specification is not rendered to HTML on the server, which may make it difficult to understand.
  2. Difficult to understand: The API specification may be challenging to know because it is not rendered to HTML on the server.
  3. The example HTML template uses HTTP headers which are not safe.
  4. The example HTML template is not secure and could be hacked.


Dapperdox pricing is competitive and offers a free trial. The pricing of DapperDox is dependent on the size and needs of your organization. For example, a small company with up to 10 users would pay $300 per year for access to the software, while a large company with up to 100 users would pay $1,200 per year.

You will have to pay a subscription fee to unlock its advanced features. There is also a 20% off discount available on DapperDox.

DapperDox FAQ

How does DapperDox compare to other similar tools?

Compared to the other best API documentation tools, DapperDox has a clear separation of Request and Response info laid out side by side in a two-column layout. The tool supports authentication and allows for high customization. DapperBox is user-friendly and supports customization.

What is the difference between DapperDox Classic and DapperDox Pro?

DapperDox Classic is the accessible version of DapperDox. It contains the essentials that you need to create documentation for your project. The Pro edition adds advanced features such as Function Wizard, Code Snippets, and Custom Themes.

How much does DapperDox Pro cost?

The basic version of DapperDox Pro is $12/month or $99/year. Two other plans cost more but include additional features and support.

How do I upgrade to DapperDox Pro?

If you are using the accessible version of DapperDox, you can upgrade to Pro by clicking on the “Upgrade” link in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

What if I already purchased DapperDox Pro?

If you have already purchased DapperDox Pro, your license will automatically be upgraded to the latest version.

What if I’m a current DapperDox customer?

If you are already using DapperDox, your license will automatically be upgraded to the latest version.


If you’re looking for a documentation tool that can help your website stand out, DapperDox is an excellent option. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, DapperDox is perfect for any website. So why wait? Get started with DapperDox today and see how it can benefit your business.

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