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Updated on August 25, 2022  |  Why Apps Fail 

Victor App was a direct link between the military community and businesses/organizations that support them through healthcare, discounts, and job opportunities.

They were your navigation assistant in your life in & out of military service.

They built the tool because they were veterans who identified the difficulties when transitioning back into civilian life.

The process of transitioning out of the military is overwhelming and inefficient.  

Veterans have difficulty navigating their return to civilian life and they deserve better.  

Existing non-profit veteran service organizations aren’t collaborating and often compete for limited charitable contributions.

Meanwhile, approximately 20 veterans commit suicide every day from depression-related issues as our veterans struggle to find true purpose after they leave active military service.

Our veterans face difficulties finding their place in civilian communities and often feel isolated in civilian social circles upon leaving the military, leading to depression, homelessness, and unemployment.

They need help finding a career where they can utilize their military skills, discovering local events where they feel comfortable, and finding veteran-friendly local businesses that show support for them and their families. google play app store listing.

Victor was a technology platform that eases the transition of military veterans returning to civilian life by connecting them with career opportunities, helping them engage with their community, and providing them with access to health and wellness services.  

Victor provided employers with a targeted community of veteran talent and an accelerated ‘time to hire’ allowing them to capture federal tax credits for hiring veterans.  

Their technology connected transitioning veterans to a support group of civilians and veterans alike through social events and recreational activities.

Health and Wellness services were provided through the app to the Victor community via partnerships with hospitals and local therapy groups. 

It’s unclear why Victor App failed.

The project was a great idea.

I’ve supported the Wounded Warrior Project for many years and hope to see more initiatives like this.

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