The 15 Best Asset Management Software and Systems of 2023

Updated on January 1, 2023  |  Software Reviews 

Choosing the best asset management software for your business can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to start.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the 15 best asset management software and systems of 2022.

Freshservice icon


A comprehensive feature set is provided by Freshservice, an IT asset management program, to assist in managing and monitoring all assets.

ServiceNow icon


A flexible platform called ServiceNow offers lifecycle automation for both IT and non-IT assets. The product has capabilities like an asset repository, asset catalog, and asset retirement workflow.

AssetExplorer icon


You can manage assets at every stage of their lifecycle, from planning to disposal, with the aid of AssetExplorer. Anyone in your company can use it and it is simple to install.

Spiceworks IT Asset Management icon


Users may keep an eye on their network gear and software with the Spiceworks IT Asset Management program. The software willidentify network assets, classify them, and create a thorough 

From enterprise-level solutions to simple tracking apps, there’s an option on this list for every type of business.

So whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution or a simple tool to track your assets, you’re sure to find what you need on this list.

What are best asset management software solutions of 2022?


Freshservice Logo

Freshservice is an IT asset management software that offers a full suite of features to help manage and keep track of all assets. Its automated discovery capabilities allow for real-time updating of data, while its relationship mapping, full asset life cycle management, and software-as-a-service management features provide comprehensive coverage.

Nick's Take

I think that Freshservice can identify all of your IT assets in real-time – making updates and corrections easier than ever before.


  1. Offers a real-time CMDB and asset management platform which helps to improve IT governance.
  2. Offers integrations with leading asset management software such as JAMF, SCCM, Intune, Airwatch, and more.
  3. Automates and manages your asset lifecycle through all its phases – procurement, discovery, utilization, maintenance, and retirement.
  4. Provides asset managers with analytics that help them make informed decisions.
  5. Helps you keep track of contracts and licenses, as well as automate contract renewals and expirations.
  6. Offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing assets throughout the lifecycle.
  7. Helps you manage and optimize your SaaS applications.
Freshservice Features


  • Has an excellent and responsive support system
  • Easy to use and customizable
  • Integrates well with other products
  • Good ticket manager


  • Requires scanning all assets
  • Limited asset types
  • Limited features


Starter – $19/agent/month, billed annually

$29/agent/month, billed monthly

Growth – $49/agent/month, billed annually

$59/agent/month, billed monthly

Pro – $89/agent/month, billed annually

$109/agent/month, billed monthly

Enterprise – $109/agent/month, billed annually

$129/agent/month, billed monthly


ServiceNow Logo

ServiceNow is a market leader in IT asset management. The company offers two products: ServiceNow ITSM and ServiceNow ITAM. ServiceNow ITAM helps manage the lifecycle of assets from asset planning to retirement. The product includes features such as an asset catalog, an asset repository, and an asset retirement workflow.

Nick's Take

It seems to me that ServiceNow is a flexible platform that provides lifecycle automation of IT and non-IT assets.


  1. The platform capabilities of IT Asset Management make it easy to track and manage assets across your organization.
  2. Provides a single data source for your enterprise, eliminating information silos.
  3. Can automate tasks to help increase operational efficiency.
  4. Can help you plan and make better decisions across the entire asset lifecycle.
  5. Can manage multi-component assets and use risk scoring to identify and prioritize assets for management.
  6. Helps you optimize asset inventory and keep track of inventory levels across all warehouse locations.
  7. Can audit enterprise asset inventories to ensure accuracy and compliance.
ServiceNow Features


  • You can compile asset information through network discovery data and third party sources
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Supports incident tracking and management
  • Includes powerful analytics tools


  • Limited remote desktop capabilities
  • Inconsistent data quality
  • Limited support


Contact ServiceNow for the pricing details.


AssetExplorer Logo

AssetExplorer helps you manage assets throughout their lifecycle, from the planning phase to disposal. It is easy to install and can be used by anyone in your organization. AssetExplorer also helps you understand software license compliance and the use of unauthorized software in your organization.

Nick's Take

From my perspective, you can easily manage licenses for both software and hardware with AssetExplorer, ensuring compliance with company policy.


  1. The asset discovery feature in AssetExplorer lets you scan your network regularly to ensure that all assets are properly detected and tracked.
  2. Helps you keep track of all your hardware and software in your network.
  3. Scans and audits workstations across your enterprise.
  4. The relationship maps are one of the features that make AssetExplorer unique and useful.
  5. Helps with PO management, asset life cycle management, and asset tracking.
  6. Helps to keep track of software and hardware inventory, as well as compliance.
  7. Helps to manage software licenses and unauthorized software.
AssetExplorer Features


  • AssetExplorer manages all license types
  • Asset managers can easily ensure compliance
  • It helps to reduce spending and eliminate redundancies
  • Scans and audits workstations


  • Can’t enforce policies
  • Can’t manage the entire lifecycle of an asset
  • Poor user interface
  • Not very secure


You may contact ManageEngine to get a quote for the tool.

Spiceworks IT Asset Management

Spiceworks IT Asset Management Logo

The Spiceworks IT Asset Management software allows users to monitor their network hardware and software. The software will detect assets on the network, categorize them, and prepare a detailed report. This inventory management system is free to use with in-app advertising.

Nick's Take

It seems to me that for companies on a budget, Spiceworks Inventory could be all that is necessary.


  1. This free system allows you to track and organize all your IT assets, both virtual and physical.
  2. Its automatic detection of every IT device connected to your network means that you’ll never have to worry about misplaced equipment again.
  3. With Spiceworks Inventory, you can manage licensing, network equipment, exchange information, and more.
  4. Compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, making it perfect for managing any type of IT infrastructure.
  5. Comes with support included so that you can get the most out of this valuable tool.
  6. You can manage licensing, network equipment, exchange information, and more.
  7. Compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, making it perfect for managing any type of IT infrastructure.
Spiceworks IT Asset Management Features


  • Spiceworks IT Asset Management is free
  • It’s ideal for managing network infrastructure
  • Light on features but functional
  • Automatic detection of network devices


  • Limited reports
  • The free plan includes in-app advertising, which could be distracting.
  • Limited service management features


Spiceworks IT Asset Management is a free software that allows users to track and manage their IT assets. However, the app lacks features such as service management and displays ads within the app.


Atera Logo

Atera is a comprehensive monitoring and management software solution that is perfect for MSPs, IT consultants, and IT departments. Atera’s pricing model allows business owners to scale quickly and easily while providing continued best-in-class service.

Nick's Take

I think that Atera is an excellent IT asset management software with fixed pricing and seamless integration.


  1. Offers customizable alert settings and thresholds, as well as the ability to run automatic updates.
  2. Provides an easy-to-use platform for managing devices and monitoring performance.
  3. The Atera website offers information about content marketing, DevOps, and the different types of technologies that are used in conjunction with these practices.
  4. Offers full visibility and control over your IT management from reactive to proactive.
  5. Lets you see and control your Mac environment from anywhere.
  6. Provides IT documentation that helps you collaborate better, service your customers better, and run your business more efficiently.
  7. Atera’s activity log keeps track of every action taken, so you can easily see what’s been done and who was responsible.
  8. Automated services make it easier to communicate with clients and manage tickets effectively.
Atera Features


  • You can manage your company’s remote IT services with ease
  • Troubleshoot network issues with one integrated platform
  • Automated reports that track system health and performance
  • Atera offers 24/7 support


  • Limited features
  • Poor quality products
  • Difficult payment process


Pro – $99/user/month, billed annually

Growth – $129/user/month, billed annually

Power – $169/user/month, billed annually


Sortly Logo

Sortly is mobile first, so it works great on smartphones and tablets. Sortly is also a great tool for organizing and tracking your company’s assets because it can track everything from purchase date to condition. If you want to make complex processes simpler, then Sortly is the software for you.

Nick's Take

I think that Sortly is a super simple inventory and asset tracking system that is trusted by 1000’s of businesses.


  1. Sortly makes it easy to track assets with barcodes or QR codes.
  2. High-resolution pictures make it easy to identify each asset’s condition.
  3. You can use Sortly on your phone, tablet, or computer – from anywhere!
  4. Offers different asset management features, including tool tracking and IT asset tracking.
  5. Sortly’s inventory import feature allows you to quickly transfer your existing inventory into the platform.
  6. Allows users to collaborate and access information securely.
  7. User licenses allow for flexible and secure sharing of information.
  8. Sortly’s inventory lists are perfect for audits, budgeting, or forecasting.
Sortly Features


  • Has a free plan
  • Easy to use and provides a streamlined way to keep track of your company’s assets
  • The app has a check-in/out scanner (in-built)
  • Makes complex processes simpler


  • Limited features
  • Not suitable for all businesses
  • Poor Customer Support


Free – $0/month

Advanced – $49/month

Ultra – $149/month

Enterprise – Contact Sortly for price quoting

Asset Panda

Asset Panda Logo

Asset Panda is a secure, customizable, and mobile-friendly asset management software. Asset Panda is suitable for users of any size and type of business. With Asset Panda, you can track your assets in real time, schedule maintenance and repairs, generate reports, and more.

Nick's Take

It seems to me that Asset Panda is highly configurable and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.


  1. Role-based access allows different employees to have different levels of access to assets.
  2. Has a built-in barcode scanner that eliminates the need for expensive and bulky equipment.
  3. Reports can be easily generated, along with automated maintenance tasks.
  4. Offers centralized contact management to reduce the chances of lost emails or missed correspondence.
  5. Offers security features to ensure data is properly protected and assigned roles to limit access to sensitive information.
  6. Offers powerful asset tracking and maintenance management features that let users track and manage multiple assets efficiently.
  7. The data can be grouped for easier analysis.
Asset Panda Features


  • Asset Panda can be used by organizations of any size and type.
  • Allows you to adjust the system to fit your business needs.
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Offers free tools and services


  • Mobile application not very functional
  • You cannot add media files such as videos or photos to your asset portfolio.
  • Limited customer service resources


Asset Panda has a variety of pricing plans which are tailored to your needs. Contact Asset Panda for pricing details.


SolarWinds Service Desk Logo

SolarWinds Service Desk is a cloud-based asset management system that offers excellent IT service tools for internal systems. The system’s asset management features are robust and allow you to keep track of all your assets in one place. What sets SolarWinds Service Desk apart from other systems is its integrated service management features.

Nick's Take

I think that Solarwinds Service Desk is an excellent choice for companies that want to provide tech support to their in-house staff while also in need of asset management.


  1. Provides customizable dashboards and reporting tools to help you track and manage your service requests.
  2. Also offers a less robust service tool called Web Help Desk which might be worth considering for those with less extensive service needs.
  3. Service management tools can’t be separated from asset management tools, which makes Solarwinds Service Desk a potent combination
  4. With its automatic hardware discovery feature, you’ll be able to automatically detect and monitor all your IP-connected devices.
  5. Integrated with over 200 third-party applications.
  6. Allows you to manage the procurement of licenses, track purchase orders, and more.
  7. There’s a service portal where users can submit tickets and requests, as well as a self-service help desk with step-by-step articles and tutorials.
SolarWinds Service Desk Features


  • Excellent IT service tools for internal systems
  • Integrated service management features
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • SolarWinds offers a free trial


  • Poor customer service
  • Limited Features
  • Difficult to use for beginners


Solarwinds Service Desk’s pricing starts at $19 per month per user for team members.


Snipe-IT Logo

SnipeIT is a web-based asset-tracking system that offers a comprehensive set of features to manage assets within an organization. SnipeIT is accessible as a self-hosted cloud solution and can be integrated into existing business processes. The integration allows for easy management of assets across different departments and locations.

Nick's Take

From my perspective, SnipeIT provides comprehensive asset management, software licensing management, and barcode labeling for physical assets.


  1. Has a REST API and a SAAS model which can offer more comprehensive hosting options for companies.
  2. Lets you manage your inventory and assets using features such as location tracking, email alerts, and QR code labeling.
  3. Gives you an overview of the most recent activity
  4. Offers a variety of reports and tools that allow business owners to make better decisions about their website’s development and marketing.
  5. Provides a variety of tools to help business owners measure their website’s performance.
  6. Two-factor authentication and protected web access, to protect your digital assets.
  7. Integrated with other systems: You can integrate the app with your own system using the REST API.
Snipe-IT Features


  • Enhanced security features
  • Comprehensive asset management services
  • The app offers pricing options for companies of any size
  • You can save time and money with Snipe-IT


  • App has many features but is difficult to use
  • No keyword data
  • Limited user flow


Self-Hosted – $0

Monthly Hosted – $39.99/month

Annual Hosted – $399.99/year

Support-Only – $449.99/year

Enterprise Support – $4999.99/year


GoCodes Logo

GoCodes is a cloud-based asset and inventory tracking solution that offers users the ability to track and manage their assets in real time. The system is specialized as a school asset tracking inventory system, with no additional equipment or software downloads needed.

Nick's Take

I think that GoCodes is used by various industries, including higher education, medical, engineering, industrial, construction contracting, government and non-profit organizations.


  1. Keeps track of depreciation as items are used and destroyed, ensuring accuracy in recording expenses.
  2. Reports make it easy to analyze data and see trends over time, so you can make informed decisions about how best to utilize your resources.
  3. API access allows you or your team members to create custom scripts or applications that integrate seamlessly into the software interface
  4. Has features for secure identification, quick check-in and out of assets, attaching photos to asset information, and automatic location updates.
  5. Range of features for team organization such as maintenance tracking and management, warranty tracking and management, and barcode scanning.
  6. The software offers low quantity, reorder alert email notifications, and handheld scanner emulation.
  7. GoCodes allows users to design their own charts and graphs, as well as export their data to various formats.
GoCodes Features


  • GPS-enabled asset tracking
  • Works on any device, including smartphones.
  • Supports multiple roles
  • Fixed asset depreciation


  • Not suitable for larger companies
  • Requires a lot of configuration
  • Not very customer-friendly


Standard – $500/year

Premium – $1000/year

Premium Elite – $1750/year

Professional – $2500/year

Enterprise – Contact GoCodes for pricing details


EZOfficeInventory Logo

EZOfficeInventory is a cloud-based asset management software that helps businesses keep track of all their assets, from laptops and computers to tools and equipment. It also has features to help with operations management, such as maintenance scheduling and asset check-out/check-in.

Nick's Take

It seems to me that EZOfficeInventory can help managers manage the complete IT asset lifecycle for their remote workforce.


  1. The mobile apps allow you to scan codes and barcodes quickly and easily from any location.
  2. The Availability Calendar lets you see which assets and asset stock are available, reserved, checked out or under maintenance.
  3. You can manage vendors and procurement costs from one place with Purchase Orders.
  4. The RFID Asset Tracking feature lets you scan large quantities of items in seconds using an external RFID reader.
  5. Provides GPS location, label and scanner information, and asset history tracking.
  6. You can create professional-grade labels in the label designer and import and export asset data with our wizard.
  7. You can customize email alerts, group assets, and create cart templates.
  8. You can use packages and bundles to group assets together for easier management.
  9. You can use the Company URL feature to access your account from a subdomain of your company’s website.
  10. The API allows you to integrate EZOfficeInventory with other systems
EZOfficeInventory Features


  • It helps you comply with software licensing requirements
  • It speeds up troubleshooting
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems
  • Reduce costs associated with managing your IT assets


  • Not tailored for small businesses
  • No offline support
  • Limited troubleshooting capabilities


Essential – $35/month, billed annually

Advanced – $45/month, billed annually

Premium – $55/month, billed annually

Enterprise – Contact sales for pricing details.


AssetCloud Logo

AssetCloud is a versatile asset management software tool that helps you track both physical and digital assets. It can help you make strategic decisions about your organization’s IT assets, such as where they are located, who is using them, and how they are being used.

Nick's Take

I think that AssetCloud is an excellent choice for managing IT hardware, software, and licenses as it offers a comprehensive solution for tracking devices and software.


  1. Provides insights into the life-cycle management of your IT assets
  2. Allows you to generate pre-built reports to know about overdue checkouts, warranties, scheduled maintenance, and more.
  3. Allows you to manage purchase orders, maintenance schedules, and more.
  4. Allows you to schedule reports to be sent to you each day, which makes it easy to keep track of important data.
  5. Has a report design engine that enables you to create clear and accurate reports.
  6. The multi-quantity asset feature helps you track how many identical assets you have.
  7. Helps you manage contracts, service agreements, and software licenses with greater efficiency.
  8. Able to eliminate the need for manual tracking by using barcode scanning technology.
AssetCloud Logo


  • Very useful for managing customer information as well
  • Easy to transfer tools between jobs
  • Helps reduce compliance headaches.
  • Has a wide range of features, and is reliable.


  • Managing large numbers of non-critical but similar assets can be time-consuming and grueling.
  • Limited to business organizations
  • Complicated user interface


Basic – $2995/user, One-time payment

Complete – $995/user/year

Complete + RFID – $5990/user/year

InvGate Assets

InvGate Assets Logo

InvGate Assets is a great asset management software for small to medium-sized businesses. It is easy to use and has an easy installation process. It is reasonably priced and covers all the essential bases for tracking assets and inventory. You can use InvGate Assets on Windows, Mac OS or Linux machines.

Nick's Take

It seems to me that it is a great choice for any business looking for an affordable and comprehensive asset management solution.


  1. Allows businesses to track their assets with features such as advanced reports, network discovery, remote desktops, change management, license management, software deployment, and software metering.
  2. The UI is easy to follow and the navigation is straightforward.
  3. Helps you manage and update your IT assets more effectively.
  4. You can collect data on all the devices connected to your network, and monitor changes in your assets remotely.
  5. You can deploy software updates and changes to workstations remotely, without needing to contact individual users.
  6. By harvesting licenses for reuse, InvGate Assets helps to save money on new asset acquisition.
  7. Can help speed up decisions and improve the quality of outcomes by providing IT staff with asset-related information as and when it’s needed.
  8. Helps organizations prevent the misuse or destruction of assets.
InvGate Assets Features


  • Good for businesses with limited IT staff
  • Reports are reliable and comprehensive
  • The navigation for getting reports is simple
  • You can support clients using Windows, Mac OS, and Linux


  • Poor Customer Service
  • Unattended dismantling fails often
  • Making sure that duplicate records are eliminated is difficult


The price of InvGate Assets depends on the number of nodes you want to support. To get a quote, you must request it by filling out a form and having the company contact you.

Ivanti Neurons For ITAM

Ivanti Neurons For ITAM Logo

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is a powerful tool that helps users manage and monitor their IT assets. The software consolidates data from different sources and provides users with comprehensive reporting features. Additionally, Ivanti Neurons is unique because it allows users to create, attach, and scan barcodes.

Nick's Take

From my perspective, this tool’s configurable design makes it easy to define and follow workflows or implement effective lifecycle tracking, cost analysis, and asset monitoring.


  1. Has the ability to attach barcodes to your data.
  2. Offers a mobile app that lets you monitor assets from anywhere in the world
  3. Allows you to track, configure, optimize and strategically manage your IT assets through the full lifecycle.
  4. Offers comprehensive reporting and auditing features that give it an edge over competitors.
  5. Helps you to improve efficiency, save time and reduce resources dedicated to managing your assets.
  6. Helps you to reduce risk by identifying machines at risk and ensuring your assets are used appropriately.
  7. Includes a vendor management system that lets you keep tabs on your strategic vendors.
Ivanti Neurons For ITAM Features


  • Provides advanced analytical tools
  • Offers a mobile app and vendor management
  • Can integrate with other Ivanti service management tools via CMDB
  • Allows you to create, attach, and scan barcodes


  • Limited features
  • Limited barcode scanning capabilities
  • No remote desktop feature


Contact Ivanti Sales for pricing details.

What is asset management software?

What is asset management software

Asset management software is a specialized system that can automatically monitor, track, and classify a company’s physical assets in real time. Asset management system software can reduce maintenance costs and improve asset usage visibility. With this software, whose databases are stored on cloud servers, businesses no longer need to worry about server rental and maintenance costs.

What are the different asset management systems?

What are the different asset management systems

Understanding the different types of asset management is an important aspect of choosing a system that works. Here are the different types and what they require.

Digital Asset Management: Digital asset management is a rapidly evolving field. It is about the efficient organization of digital media and content, as well as their processing and storage.

Management of fixed assets: Fixed assets are all items that an organization uses to generate revenue. They usually stay where they are. Examples of fixed assets are plumbing, equipment, and existing machinery.

IT Asset Management: This includes company-owned equipment such as computers, routers, and similar IT equipment, as well as intangible assets such as software subscriptions (SaaS), licenses, patents, and network infrastructure.

Enterprise Asset Management: Enterprise asset management is a rapidly growing aspect. Organize, consolidate and optimize enterprise-owned physical assets and infrastructure across their lifecycles. This includes documentation, productivity, inventory records, and asset condition.

Management of financial assets: Financial wealth management refers to a more traditional understanding of wealth management. This includes investments, property holdings, brokerage services, and all intangible investments of an organization.

How to choose the right asset management software for your business?

How to choose the right asset management software for your business

1. Understand the Asset Lifecycle

The first and most important thing you need to do before choosing an AMS is to understand the lifecycle (both tangible and intangible) of your company or organization’s assets and HR software.

Choose a system that gives you real-time access to different departments responsible for overseeing resources across your organization. The system you choose should act as a smooth communication channel between stakeholders, consumers, and business owners.

2. Goals and Expectations

You should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your asset management system. We recommend setting up a meeting with your staff, IT team, etc. to come up with a list of short-term or long-term goals. If you need outside help with this process, there are several experienced companies on the market. Be guided by them.

3. Check Reviews and Reputation

Read previous experiences and reviews from other asset management software users before purchasing. Check ratings from different users or genuine software review agencies.

4. Prices and Discounts

Compare the prices of various asset management software packages and understand what is included in this package and what is not included. If there are hidden costs, find them. Some asset management software providers offer discounts on purchases. Don’t worry. Do your research before discussing discounts or starting negotiations with agents.

5. Stick to Proven Products

Analyze a vendor’s reputation and experience in developing asset software. An established provider of asset tracking and management software can better provide ongoing support.

6. Compatibility with the technology used by your organization

Make sure the asset tracking software package you purchase is compatible with the technology used by your company or organization.


With so many great asset management software options on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for your business. However, by comparing features and reading reviews, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect fit. Be sure to sign up for the software that best meets your needs so you can start managing your assets more effectively!

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