11 Best Software for Family Tree in 2023 and Beyond

Updated on January 1, 2023  |  Software Reviews 

If you’re looking for the best software for family tree, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 11 best family tree software of 2022 and beyond.

Ancestry.com icon


The largest and most complete family tree in the world, Ancestry has over 20 million members and records. This increases your chances of discovering your ancestors and filling in any gaps in your family tree.

Family Historian icon

Family Historian

For those searching for something they can use right away, Family Historian is a simple-to-use genealogy program that improves on its predecessors in several significant ways.

Legacy Family Tree icon

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is efficient and simple to use thanks to its superb data management and research options. A good value family tree maker, it is one of only two apps with 100% correctness in GEDCOM tests.

Family Tree Heritage Gold icon

Family Tree Heritage Gold

Family Tree Heritage Gold is excellent and user-friendly genealogy software. It has the ability to import GEDCOM files and synchronize with FamilySearch. 

We’ll take a look at what each software has to offer, and we’ll also provide our own recommendations. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What are the Best Software for Family Tree?

Ancestry.com Logo

Ancestry.com is one of the best genealogy software companies on the market. Their vast community and volume of records make it likely you will find your ancestors.

It has a huge DNA testing network, which is necessary for any genealogical enthusiast. If you’re new to genealogy or need some help getting started, Ancestry has detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

It offers a variety of tools and resources to help you research your family tree, including the ability to search by surname or location.

Nick's Take

Ancestry contains over 20 million members and records, making it the world’s largest and most comprehensive family tree. This makes it likely you will find your ancestors and uncover missing links in your family tree.


  1. Intuitive interface
  2. Easy to use
  3. Collaboration feature
  4. Free 14 days trial
  5. 99% accuracy
  6. Allows family tree to be shared by nonsubscribers
Ancestry.com Features


  • You can use Ancestry.com’s General Search to find broad or more refined results, depending on your needs. It also offers DNA testing services which can be very helpful when researching your family history.
  • You can manually search through their vast database of family trees using the link provided on Ancestry.com. This free search is included as part of your membership with them.
  • This is a free and easy way to research your family history and connect with others who may have similar interests in your lineage!


  • While Ancestry offers many resources and tools for researching your family’s history, it is still limited in scope compared to other genealogy software options.
  • Despite a large number of members, the Ancestry community is relatively inactive and lacks helpfulness compared to other popular genealogy forums or communities.


U.S Discovery Plan – $24.99 per month

World Discovery Plan – $39.99 per month

All Acess Plan – $59.99 per month

Family Historian Logo

Family Historian is easy to use and intuitive, perfect for those new to genealogy. The ancestry chart and details box are easy to access and use together.

It includes smart trees that allow you to focus on a specific area of your tree without distraction. It has a variety of tools for genealogy, including a mapping tool, charts, and print and electronic sharing.

The lack of backgrounds on the charts can be disappointing, but the software is otherwise reliable and accurate.

Nick's Take

Family Historian is an easy-to-use genealogy software that brings some important upgrades over its predecessors – perfect for those looking for something that they can use from day one. I like its new edition, which includes more text formatting options and genealogical tools.


  1. Focus window
  2. Map and Report window
  3. Property box
  4. Allows creation of books and booklets
  5. Sources and Source Citations
  6. Interactive Diagrams
  7. Smart Trees
  8. Research notes
  9. Web clipping
  10. Web search window
  11. Automatic Internet data matching
  12. Spell check features
  13. Websites & Family Tree CDs/DVDs
  14. Embedded hashtags and source citations
  15. Word processing features
  16. Pictures and Multimedia
Family Historian Features


  • This program is designed from the ground up to be user-friendly, so you can get started immediately without having to read a lot of manuals or watch a bunch of tutorials.


  • The software is incompatible with smartphones or Macs and may have outdated interfaces.
  • Some updated features found in the new edition of Family Historian are ineffective due to a lack of understanding of how to use them properly.


Family Historian 7 -$50

Legacy Family Tree Logo

Legacy Family Tree software is a great genealogy tool that pulls data from other websites. It offers a comprehensive overview of your family history through Ancestry and other well-known websites that have excellent data management and research tools and get perfect scores for genealogical GEDCOM import.

You can use Legacy Family Tree to view family medical history trends with the cause of death charts, find ancestors’ graves, record DNA marker test results, and write about key events in your ancestors’ lives.

You can add photos and videos to your family tree, making exploring it even more enjoyable. There are many options for customization, so you can customize the layout of your family tree however you want it to look.

Nick's Take

Legacy Family Tree has excellent data management and research tools, which make it effective and easy to use. It is one of only two programs with 100% accuracy in GEDCOM tests, making it a good value family tree maker.


  1. Spouse $ Siblings List
  2. LDS ordinance list
  3. Reports and charts
  4. Source citation list
  5. Picture Gallery
Legacy Family Tree Features


  • It pulls data from many sources to give you a complete and accurate picture of your family. It also includes charts showing you information such as the cause of death, medical history, and more.
  • Warnings are given when information is entered incorrectly – this helps avoid mistakes while working on your family tree.


  • Legacy family tree is limited in terms of its functionality relative to other genealogy software.
  • The price of Legacy Family Tree is high compared to other similar programs.
  • Some users find the interface difficult to use.


Legacy Video Training CDs – $32.95

Legacy 8.0 Deluxe Bundle – $59.95

Family Tree Heritage Gold Logo

Family Tree Heritage Gold is great genealogy software that is easy to use. It can synchronize with FamilySearch and import GEDCOM files. It is heavily linked to the FamilySearch site, but adding records from other sources is manual.

It is designed for family historians and contains multiple ways of displaying data, collaborative functionality, and support for family tree-building tasks.

The app is likely to be popular with family historians due to its multiple ways of displaying data and collaborative functionality. You can store your data in multiple formats, including PDF, GEDCOM, CSV, XML, JSON, VCF, and TXT files.

Nick's Take

The Family Tree Heritage Gold is easy to navigate, and you don’t need to be very familiar with genealogy terminology to use it effectively. I recommend this to anyone who wants to share their history with future generations.


  1. Access over 14 billion historical records
  2. Available in different countries and languages
  3. Descendants view
  4. Record Non-traditional couple relationships
  5. Allows import records directly
  6. Tag ancestor similarities
Family Tree Heritage Gold Features


  • You don’t need many tech-savvy skills to use this software, and it’s great genealogy software that works!
  • The app’s multiple ways of displaying data should entice users into using this program more often, as they can explore all their data in ways that are likely helpful when researching their family history.
  • It allows you and other family members to work on the same project together, making it a great choice for a family tree maker.


  • The interface is clunky and outdated, which makes using the app difficult. Also, it does not have many features compared to other genealogy software.
  • Limited support is available should you need it, which may frustrate users who encounter difficulties using the software.


Family Tree Heritage Gold 16 – $39.99

5. MyHeritage

MyHeritage Logo

MyHeritage is one of the largest genealogy software databases in the world. It has a Mac desktop app and a mobile and Cloud version that can be used anywhere on any browser.

Once your profile is complete, you can begin exploring the massive records database. You can zoom in on people and populate their records with further information, including photos and notes on physical descriptions.

It can alert you via email to family matches with Smart Matches as its database expands. You can use the colorize tool to restore old images that have faded or degraded over time.

Nick's Take

MyHeritage is easy to use, and I can recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have any prior genealogy experience. You can start by filling out a basic profile of yourself and your family or importing information from other genealogy databases like Ancestry or FamilySearch.


  1. Autoclusters
  2. Family tree builder
  3. Historical records
  4. Enhance old photos feature
  5. Third-party DNA kit analysis
  6. Theory of Family Relativity
  7. Extensive knowledge base
MyHeritage Features


  • Educational materials, historic documents, and stories from people who have used MyHeritage make it a valuable source for learning about heritage preservation.
  • It lets you easily locate information on your ancestors and download it directly into your family tree.
  • To help you with your family tree, MyHeritage has helpful hints, and Smart Matches that flag a match with a relative on your tree or another person’s family tree.


  • There are billions of records available, so if you don’t have too much information about a person, it might be difficult to find them using this tool.


Premium Plan – $79 per year

Premium Plus – $129 per year

Data Plan – $129 per year

Complete Plan – $189 per year

6. Family Search

Family Search Logo

Family Search database contains millions of records with detailed information about people searched for and found in the database dating back centuries (if not millennia).

There is a list of activities you and your family can do together to get to know each other’s personal stories in a fun way.

Plus, with this software, you can preserve the information and then view it with your phone on your mobile device, making it easy to show family members what the family tree looks like.

There are also multiple online activities provided by FamilySearch that will help you get to know each family member better: Record My Story lets you create audio files of memories for relatives to listen to; Picture My Heritage lets you replace historical figures’ faces with yours, and In-Home Activities let you do things together like make coffee or play games while exploring your family history.

Nick's Take

Family Search allows you to download records from the FamilySearch website, which is helpful if you want to keep copies of your research materials offline or if you’re traveling and don’t have access to the internet. I recommend this to those who want extra support while researching their genealogy or have difficulty using traditional software.


  1. Upload photos, audio, documents & stories
  2. You can organize memories into albums
  3. Allows generation of the task list
  4. Map My Ancestors
  5. Relatives Around Me
Family Search Features


  • It has a comprehensive database of information, a community of experts available to help with any questions, and a free family tree maker.
  • You can create audio files of your stories or pictures for relatives or future generations to enjoy.
  • Provides detailed information on your ancestors and where they lived, traveled, and worked.


  • It is possible to create relationships between people in the family history, but it is not straightforward.
  • Experienced genealogists who want to bring all their data together may not find this software suitable.
  • The Family Search website also lacks data integration, meaning that you cannot easily merge your research findings with those from other sources (such as Ancestry).


Family Search is completely free.

7. RootsMagic

RootsMagic Logo

RootsMagic is powerful enough to handle complex relationships and family trees, making it a good choice for those who want to get deep into their research. This program offers everything you need, from basic research tools to extensive report options.

Nick's Take

RootsMagic has powerful features, including the ability to have more than one database open simultaneously, making it easier to compare databases and copy information from one to another. I highly recommend its free version of the software, which includes all the basics you need to get started.


  1. Legacy Family Tree
  2. Master Genealogist
  3. Family Origins
  4. Family Tree Maker
  5. Personal Ancestral File Import
  6. Import GEDCOM feature
RootsMagic Features


  • You compare and contrast multiple databases simultaneously with Rootsmagic’s multiple window feature, which lets you easily switch between them.


  • The interface of RootsMagic isn’t as user-friendly or attractive as some of the other software on the market.
  • RootsMagic has a limited number of features compared to other software.


Roots Magic 8 – $39.95

8. Reunion 13

Reunion 13 Logo

Reunion 13 is accurate and easy to use. It is only available on Macs and iOS devices now but plans to release a Windows version in the future. However, Windows users may have difficulty adjusting to how Macs display apps, so be prepared to adjust.

This makes it one of the few ancestry programs with a mobile version available, making it perfect for use on mobile devices. Reunion passed the GEDCOM accuracy test by importing four files of different sizes with no errors reported.

The design received an A for ease of use, with only one minor strike against it in the form of Windows versions not being supported by the program.

Many switch from Family Tree Maker to Reunion 13 because of its comprehensive data entry abilities and easy-to-use interface. The program looks similar to popular social media sites, which might make it easier for you to learn.

Nick's Take

If you’re looking for comprehensive genealogy software that will make organizing family reunions and special events easy, I recommend Reunion 13, which is a great option. Its mobile app is especially helpful and has passed the GEDCOM accuracy test with flying colors.


  1. Easy addition of pictures and movies
  2. Graphic charts creation
  3. List window
  4. Drag and drop multimedia
Reunion 13 Features


  • Reunion 13 earned a B on the GEDCOM accuracy test, meaning it could interpret and incorporate potentially problematic information correctly into your pedigree without missing any key details.
  • Allows you to make changes on your Mac and have them automatically synced with Reunion on your iPhone or iPad.


  • The downside to Reunion 13 is that it is only available on Macs now. Windows users have to adjust to how Macs display apps.
  • If a relationship is problematic for the software, such as same-sex marriage, it will exclude that relationship from the pedigree and skip every successive name.


Reunion 13 Software – $49.95

9. WikiTree

WikiTree Logo

WikiTree is a collaborative genealogy resource that aims to connect everyone, everywhere. It integrates duplicate profiles and supports DNA-based genealogy using DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid (ACA).

The goal of WikiTree is to create a free and accurate family tree that connects the whole world. If privacy concerns are more important to you than the benefits of an open, collaborative environment, then WikiTree is not for you.

However, Wikitree is non-commercial and free, which may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective. With over 15 million profiles and 800,000 contributors worldwide, this site has something for everyone who’s interested in growing their family tree.

Nick's Take

I like that Wikitree provides DNA-based matches to help grow trees faster. It strives to validate its tree with DNA results, which differs from MyHeritage and Ancestry’s integrations.


  1. Upload GEDCOM Files
  2. Create Memories & Build Biographies
  3. Allows Social Media Sharing
  4. G2G forum
  5. Family Tree Creation
WikiTree Features


  • You can easily connect to WikiTree from any computer or mobile device, making it a perfect tool for keeping track of your genealogy on the go.
  • To help build the most accurate family tree possible, WikiTree supports DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid (ACA). This allows you to confirm your matches with DNA results from any provider.


  • The advantage of WikiTree is that it is a large, collaborative tree that can benefit from the work of others; however, you have little privacy and control over your tree (and there are limited tools available).
  • WikiTree tries to integrate all the information from its members into one tree, which can be difficult and time-consuming.


WikiTree is completely free.

10. Heredis

Heredis Logo

Heredis offers a variety of features that make it easy to customize your content, including templating options and drag-and-drop interface design tools.

The Heredis Smart Search function makes it very accurate in finding matches. Its migratory flows map is especially interesting and allows you to see why your ancestors may have moved.

The mobile app is great for on-the-go research and allows you to add details about your family quickly and easily.

Nick's Take

The Heredis family tree software comes with a variety of features to help you research your family history. The search tool allows you to navigate through various genealogy databases and find the records you’re looking for which I recommend for both amateur and professional genealogists.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Unlimited pedigree charts
  3. Searching for ancestors
  4. Sharing documents
  5. Dashboard
  6. Helpful tools
  7. GEDCOM compatible
  8. Available on Mac & Windows
Heredis Features


  • You can use Heredis to search through FamilySearch, Findmypast, and AncestryDNA, among other genealogy databases.
  • When you have entered your data, the dashboard displays an overview of your ancestors and their connections to you over several generations.


  • Though Herides’ genealogy software comes with a search tool, it does not provide any hints or tips on how to find more records or ancestors.


Windows – $29.99

Mac – $59.99

Upgrade – $19.99

11. Genes Reunited

Genes Reunited Logo

Genes Reunited offers a family tree builder, which is completely user-friendly. You can connect with other users and share information to help you trace your family’s history.

The network has over 550 million historical records, including census data, birth, marriage, death announcements, and military records.

It offers a paid service that allows users to search and add historical records to their trees for free. To access the full range of features offered by Genes Reunited, members must pay a subscription fee.

Nick's Take

The goal of Genes Reunited is to help people grow their family trees and find information about their ancestors that they may not have known existed. I recommend its community forum where members can connect and share information, as well as a family tree builder that’s completely free.


  1. Genes reunited community
  2. People finder
  3. Import GEDCOM files
  4. Upload images and videos through Keepsafe
Genes Reunited Features


  • You can use the search function on Gene Reunited to find matches in other users’ trees, which can help you fill in gaps about your family’s history.
  • When you build a family tree on Gene Reunited, you can discover shared ancestors between yourself and other members of the network.
  • Genes Reunited has an enormous library of images that you can add to your tree in order to enrich it with visual evidence of your heritage.


  • The cost of accessing the records on Genes Reunited may limit your ability to grow your family tree.
  • The Genes Reunited software has limited features, and importing data from other genealogy software programs is impossible.
  • The Genes Reunited software is not compatible with other genealogy software programs, which may be an inconvenience for some users.


Platinum Subscription – $26.21

Pay-As-You-Go Plan – $6.50

What is a Family Tree Software?

What is a Family Tree Software

A family tree software is a program that allows you to create and manage your family tree. There are many different features that can be found in different family tree software programs, but some of the most common include the ability to add and remove family members, view family history information, and add photos and documents.

Family tree software can be a great way to keep track of your family history and also share it with other members of your family. If you are interested in starting a family tree, there are many different software programs available to choose from.

How does Genealogy Software work?

How does Genealogy Software work

Genealogy software can be a helpful tool for anyone interested in tracing their family tree. The software typically includes a database of surname origins, as well as a searchable database of births, marriages, and deaths.

To use the software, users simply enter the names of their ancestors and the software will search the databases for matches. In addition to providing information on surname origins, genealogy software can also help users to organize their own family tree.

The software typically includes features such as custom charting and the ability to add notes and photos. By using genealogy software, users can easily trace their family history and learn more about their ancestors.

Advantages of Using Family Tree Software

Advantages of Using Family Tree Software

Saves You Time

Family tree software can save you a lot of time. You can enter data about your ancestors and the software will do the rest. The software will automatically generate a family tree based on the information you have entered. You can also add photos and other documents to the software to make your family tree more complete.

Share Information

Family tree software can also help you share information with other family members. You can invite other family members to view your family tree and add their own information. This can help you expand your family tree and learn more about your ancestors.

Preserve Family History

Family tree software can also help you preserve your family history. You can use the software to create a record of your family history that can be passed down to future generations. The software can also help you organize your family history so that it is easy to find and understand.

Organize Your Data More Effectively

When you are researching your family history, you will quickly accumulate a lot of data. This can include birth dates and places, marriage dates and places, death dates and places, names of siblings, and so on.

It can be very difficult to keep all of this information organized in your head, or even on paper. Family tree software can help you to organize your data more effectively.

You can enter all of your information into the software, and then use the software’s search function to quickly find the information you are looking for. This can save you a lot of time and frustration.

How to Choose the Best Family Tree Software

How to Choose the Best Family Tree Software

Deciding to build a family tree is an exciting endeavor. Not only will you learn more about your ancestors, but you’ll also have a chance to connect with distant relatives.

But before you can get started, you’ll need to choose the right family tree software. With so many different programs on the market, it can be tough to know where to begin. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for family tree software:

Ease of Use

You should look for a program that is easy to navigate and understand. The last thing you want is to get frustrated with the software and give up on your project altogether.


Make sure that the software you choose has all the features you need. For example, if you’re looking to build a complex family tree with multiple branches, you’ll need a program that offers robust charting capabilities.


Family tree software can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars. It’s important to find a program that fits your budget and meets your needs.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find the best family tree software for your needs.


There are a lot of family tree software programs available on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. However, with a little research, you can find the perfect software for your needs.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 Best Family Tree Software of 2022 and beyond. We considered a variety of factors when making our selections, including features, ease of use, price, and customer reviews.

Based on our findings, we believe that any one of these software programs would be a great choice for anyone looking to create a family tree. So, if you’re ready to start tracing your ancestry, be sure to check out our list of the top 11 Best Family Tree Software of 2022 and beyond.

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