10 Best Torrenting Software of 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Updated on January 1, 2023  |  Software Reviews 

Are you looking to download the best torrenting software of 2022? Whether you’re an avid file sharer or just looking to expand your media library, choosing the right torrenting software is essential.

With so many different options available on the market today, it’s important to pick a program that matches your needs and is equipped with all the required features.

So how do you go about choosing the top torrenting software for 2022? That’s where this guide comes in! Our guide will feature comprehensive reviews and detailed comparisons to help you find the best torrenting software for your unique needs.

BitTorrent Icon


Because BitTorrent is decentralized and immune to censorship and malicious attacks, it is still among the most popular methods of file sharing.

Vuze Icon


Vuze is a feature-rich torrent client that is easy to use. I like that you can use the Android app to control your downloads and uploads while you're on the road.

qBittorrent Icon


qBittorrent is remote-accessible and usable. Its built-in media player, which allows encrypted connections, private torrents, proxies, and proxies.

Bitport.io Icon


Bitport.io is a special torrent client because it uses cloud storage for downloads and stores finished files there rather than on your machine. 

Whether you need speed, security, ease of use, or all of the above, our ultimate guide has everything you need to make the most informed decision. Let’s get started!

What is the 10 Best Torrenting Software?

BitTorrent Logo

BitTorrent is a popular and long-standing torrent client with many features, including media playback, protection against malware, and apps for different operating systems.

You can use BitTorrent to download anything from music, movies, TV shows, and software to audiobooks – all of which are inspirational sources of entertainment.

Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for you to start using the platform immediately, and it’s free from monthly fees or charges. It is the largest P2P file-sharing communication protocol to share files over the internet.

In order to share or transfer files using this protocol, its users need to have a torrent client installed on their computers.

Nick's Take

BitTorrent is still one of the most widely used ways of sharing files because it is decentralized and resistant to censorship and malware attacks. I like that it allows users to source anything from music, movies, TV shows, and more.


  1. You can download torrents in bulk
  2. You can save networks resources
  3. Scheduler feature
  4. Up to 17+ languages
  5. It avoids slow downloads, and you can manage torrents remotely
  6. You can assign priority to speed up your downloads
BitTorrent Features


  • You can use BitTorrent to download anything from music, movies, TV shows, and software to audiobooks- all of which are inspirational sources of entertainment.


  • A piece of software called a torrent client is required to access and download torrents.
  • There is limited support for BitTorrent if something goes wrong with it on your computer or phone.


BitTorrent Web Pro – $19.95

BitTorrent Web Pro + VPN – $69.95

BitTorrent Classic Pro – $19.95

BitTorrent Classic Ad-Free – $4.95

BitTorrent Classic Pro + VPN – $69.95

Vuze Logo

Vuze is one of the most popular software programs for downloading and sharing torrents online. With its sleek, user-friendly interface and powerful file-sharing capabilities, Vuze is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable way to access the latest movies, music, games, and more.

The advanced features of Vuze make it easy to browse through various content while managing your existing downloads. Additionally, Vuze offers advanced privacy settings that allow you to protect your identity while maintaining access to all the latest content.

It offers support for magnet links and remote control access and is available in both macOS and Windows. The web remote makes it easier to manage torrent downloads on the go.

Nick's Take

Vuze is a user-friendly torrent client with a lot of helpful features. I like that you can manage your downloads and uploads on the go with the Android app and set schedules or pause torrents as needed.


  1. Magnet link support
  2. Media playback
  3. Device playback
  4. Drag and drop playback on the devices
  5. Access plug-in for library customization options
  6. Robust settings and options for torrent control
Vuze Features


  • One of Vuze’s main strengths is its search functionality – not only can you find torrents and magnet links quickly, but you can also use it to play or stream videos while downloading using its built-in video player.
  • The software is user-friendly and offers a variety of helpful features, such as an antivirus trial and video streaming.


  • The biggest downside to the free version of Vuze is that it contains ads. However, users can upgrade to the Plus version, which is ad-free and offers virus protection.


Vuze Plus Features – $3 .99 per month

qBittorrent Logo

qBittorrent is a great torrent client with many features. It is free and open source, making it refreshingly ad-free. It allows you to customize your download experience with RSS feed support and an advanced download filter.

It supports platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, and OS/2 – making it compatible with many devices. Additionally, It is accessible and controllable from anywhere in the world.

Some unique features that qBittorrent offers include a built-in search engine and media player, support for private torrents and encrypted connections, and the ability to be controlled through a web user interface.

These features make qBittorrent a great choice for frequent torrent downloaders who want a simple and easy-to-use application that is ad-free and focused on providing the best possible experience.

Nick's Take

qBittorrent can be used on all major platforms and accessed by remote control. I like its built-in search engine and media player, which supports private torrents, proxies, and encrypted connections.


  1. Media player
  2. P2P Encryption
  3. Ajax-based custom UI
  4. Torrent search engine
  5. Sequential downloading
  6. Remote torrent management
  7. Download prioritization option
qBittorrent Features


  • qBittorrent is versatile and reliable across multiple platforms, including macOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and OS/2.
  • It supports private torrents and encrypted connections for added security.
  • Its media player and built-in search engine make it easy to find what you’re looking for without having to scroll through pages of ads.
  • If you ever get stuck or need help along the way, plenty of user forums are available to answer any questions.


  • qBittorrent is a great torrent client, but it may be too complex for beginners. It is also incompatible with all platforms, and the open-source code can be inspected to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • The user interface could also use improvement in terms of usability and aesthetics.


You can download qBittorrent for free.

Bitport.io Logo

Bitport.io is a cloud-based torrenting service that allows users to download and stream torrents easily. Bitport.io is compatible with Google Drive, offers secure storage, and is anonymous. It has a user-friendly interface and is supported on iOS and Android devices.

The biggest advantage of using Bitport.io is that your files are stored securely on the cloud so that you can access them from any device with an internet connection. The biggest drawback is that you’re limited to one download per day on the Free Plan.

Nick's Take

Bitport.io is a unique torrent client because it uses cloud storage for your downloads, storing your completed files in the cloud instead of on your computer. I like that you can save space on your hard drive by storing your downloads on the cloud instead.


  1. Video file streaming
  2. Simple and safe
  3. Online streaming
Bitport.io Features


  • If your computer crashes, you can still access your files in your cloud account. You also don’t need to download anything to use this service; instead, sign up for the service on their website.
  • Bitport presents users with a clean and easy-to-use cloud-based UI wherein you can easily manage and store torrent files securely for easy access from anywhere at any time.
  • Bitport offers a free plan with one download per day, which is enough for most users’ needs.


  • The website’s difficulty navigating, lack of customer support, and high price tag.
  • You are limited to 10GB of storage on the cloud, which is less than some other competitors.
  • No 24/7 live chat support is available to help you with any questions or issues.


Small Plan – $5 per month

Standard Plan – $10 per month

Big Plan – $15 per month


Deluge Logo

Deluge is a free, open-source torrent client with a Windows and Linux-compatible interface. It is lightweight and easy to use, but it can be difficult for new users to figure out how to use all of its features.

Deluge offers many features, including proxy support and BitTorrent Protocol Encryption. It is a popular torrent client with Mac compatibility.

The deluge program includes inbuilt plugins and 3rd party plugins. You can enable or disable inbuilt plugins from the Preferences window.

Nick's Take

Deluge is an open-source torrent client for all three main Desktop operating systems. What makes this program interesting is its ability to add modules in the form of Plugins.


  1. Auto Add
  2. Extractor
  3. Label
  4. Notification
  5. Scheduler
  6. WebUI
Deluge Features


  • The deluge program has a Web Interface feature, Daemon, which lets you remotely control your downloads.
  • A lightweight torrent client that will go easy on your processor.


  • Deluge appears to be working fine on the latest macOS; however, there are some technical restrictions concerning the access rights for the app at the moment.
  • Third-party plugins are often unavailable or difficult to use, making it difficult for users to find what they need. Plus, it is hard to customize the deluge’s appearance or preferences, limiting its usability.


You can download Deluge for free.


uTorrent Logo

uTorrent client is a great option for those who want to download torrents without ads or other annoyances. The paid versions offer more features but are also more expensive. uTorrent is compatible with many operating systems and has many features. However, recent versions have ads and are slow.

Nick's Take

Utorrent is a lightweight, fast torrent client compatible with many operating systems. What I like about its feature is the automatic and remote control downloads and a media player.


  1. Virus protection
  2. Good customer support
  3. Format support
  4. Better download speeds
  5. Automatic malware protection
uTorrent Features


  • uTorrent also comes packed with a media player that makes it easy to watch your favorite downloads in fullscreen mode.


  • The downsides of uTorrent are that there are ads when using this client, and it doesn’t have integrated torrent search. On top of these, some reviewers complained that uTorrent had become a shadow of its old self because of the bundled software and paid version options.
  • The paid versions offer more features but are also more expensive. If you accept the Optional Offer to install Yahoo and Adaware Web Companion, your browser homepage and a new tab will change.


Free Plan – $0

Ad-free Plan – $4.95

Pro Plan – $19.95

Pro + VPN Plan – $69.95


Tixati Logo

The Tixati torrent client is a full-featured, lightweight torrent client that includes torrent prioritization, magnet links, encrypted chat rooms, and event schedules.

Tixati is free of ads and malware, making it a safe choice for downloading torrents. It is available for Windows and Linux but not macOS or iOS.

It also provides data on your downloading activity and bandwidth usage, which can help you understand your habits.

Nick's Take

This full-featured torrent downloader offers everything from prioritization to encrypted chat rooms, making it a safe and private choice for those who want to stay connected while downloading. I like that it supports streaming and downloading audio and video content without the fear of malicious software or spyware infection.


  1. Fast downloading algorithms
  2. Super-efficient peer selection
  3. Detailed bandwidth management
  4. Event Scheduler
  5. IP Filtering
  6. RSS
Tixati Features


  • It has an event logger that keeps you informed of all the happenings while Torrenting – helping you make better decisions about what downloads to prioritize and when.
  • It provides data on your peers in detail – including their bandwidth usage, IP address location, priority level set, and other information such as file size and estimated time remaining before completion.


  • The interface might be seen as retro compared to some of the other options out there.
  • It is not available on macOS. And some concerts may not be available when you want to see them.


You can download Tixati for free.


Transmission Logo

Transmission is an open-source, volunteer-based torrent client that is the default in most Linux distributions. It is simple to use, with only essential features and a clean interface.

Transmission easily integrates with all operating systems and requires less CPU than other torrent clients.

It also proudly stands against ads or invasive tracking scripts in favor of pure user experience. Its settings include options to adjust download speed, upload speed, and stop seeding.

Nick's Take

Transmission is a fast and easy-to-use torrent client for all major operating systems. I like its sleek and simple interface that lets users easily download and share their favorite files.


  1. Encryption
  2. Peer exchange
  3. Magnet links
  4. Fast speed
  5. Webseed support
  6. Tracker editing
Transmission Features


  • This sleek and simple interface lets you easily download and share your favorite files with other users.
  • With its open-source code available for anyone to review, Transmission is one of the most reliable torrent clients.
  • You can easily integrate transmission into all operating systems – making it perfect for whichever device you use most often.


  • The settings button (gear icon) at the bottom right is hidden, making it difficult to adjust some settings. In addition, Transmission does not bundle any toolbars, which can make it less intrusive and easier to use.


You can download Transmission for free.


BiglyBt Logo

BiglyBT is a popular, open-source torrent client that offers all the features users need to share content quickly and easily. BiglyBT supports WebTorrent and has excellent security mechanisms in place.

It has good integration capabilities, can be used to download torrents anonymously, and is ad-free and third-party software-free.

With its intuitive, clean interface, BiglyBt makes it simple to share content with others. You can limit downloads by tag, peer set, network, or even by individual peers—a helpful feature if you have your favorites.

It offers a free trial version that allows users to test its features before subscribing.

Nick's Take

BiglyBt fully supports WebTorrent and is ideal for users who want enhanced online anonymity. In addition to security measures like VPN detection for enhanced integration and proxy searches, it also has excellent media playback capabilities through media conversion and support for UPnP Media Server and DLNA devices so media can be shared faster between devices.


  1. Built-in player
  2. Built-in media converter
  3. Media streaming
  4. It supports DLNA
  5. Meta-Search
  6. Java-based
  7. i2p integration
  8. swarm merging
  9. Support for WebTorrent
BiglyBt Features


  • It is an offshoot of the Azureus torrent client, making it one of the oldest and most experienced Torrent clients on this list.
  • It offers highly accurate meta-search capabilities and categorized torrent lists for easier navigation.
  • The platform provides SERP analysis and guided AI writing capabilities.
  • It has a wide range of features, including the ability to create and share files with others and the option to set up clandestine trackers that can help you keep an eye on your downloads and share only when you’re sure no one is watching.


  • While BiglyBt has many features, some are limited compared to more comprehensive torrent client software.


You can download BiglyBt for free.

WebTorrent Desktop

WebTorrent Desktop Logo

WebTorrent Desktop is a free and easy-to-use torrent client that offers the streaming of files without the need to download them first.

It integrates seamlessly with other torrent clients and works on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems.

Although it is in beta, it looks promising and has a user-friendly interface. Some of its key features include a user-friendly interface, subtitles support, and seamless integration with multiple OSes.

Nick's Take

WebTorrent Desktop has an easy-to-use interface that won’t be difficult for even a newbie to understand. I like that it comes with subtitles support so that you can enjoy your movies or music files in full glory without any problems.


  1. Available on Mac and Windows
  2. 100% open source
  3. No installation required
  4. Intuitive user experience
  5. Fast and instant streaming of video and audio
WebTorrent Desktop Features


  • WebTorrent Desktop integrates seamlessly with other torrent clients such as uTorrent, Transmission, and more – making it easy to share files between different programs without lag or interruption in audio/video playback quality.
  • It allows for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing so that users can connect directly to share their favorite content effortlessly and quickly.


  • WebTorrent Desktop is still in beta mode, which means it is not yet fully functional. It also requires torrents to be captured and streamed before they can be played.
  • WebTorrent Desktop lacks regular updates, magnet link support, and subtitle support. However, it is affordable and quick to download torrent files.


You can download WebTorrent Desktop for free.

What is a Torrenting Software?

What is a Torrenting Software

Torrenting software is a program to distribute content such as TV shows, movies, books, and music using peer-to-peer file sharing.

These programs are designed to help users quickly and easily share media content without relying on centralized servers that can be costly or cumbersome to operate. T

Torrenting software features vary from program to program but often include multiple download options, support for various file types, and advanced security features like encryption.

Additionally, most torrenting software also includes tools that help users identify and avoid potentially harmful files while downloading. It is a powerful tool for discovering new content and trading files with other users worldwide.

Benefits of Using Torrenting Software

Benefits of Using Torrenting Software

1. Increased privacy and security

Popular torrenting software such as uTorrent, Vuze, and BitTorrent is designed for privacy and security. By routing your data through secure servers and using military-grade encryption, these programs protect your personal information from those looking to steal or exploit it.

2. Faster downloads

Compared to regular file-sharing methods like P2P, torrenting can offer faster download speeds due to its distributed architecture. Because each user downloads a piece of the same file from multiple sources simultaneously, there is less bandwidth bottleneck and more bandwidth available for everyone. This means faster downloads for you regardless of your internet speed!

3. Wide selection of content

Many users turn to torrenting software to access media that is unavailable via conventional methods – things like obscure indie films, live events, or even entire TV shows that aren’t on streaming services yet. With a wide range of user-submitted content on sites like The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents, there is no shortage of options for finding exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Improved adaptability

Torrenting also offers increased flexibility and usability compared to other types of file-sharing methods because it allows you to easily share large files with others even if they don’t use the same program. Additionally, many file hosting sites allow users to download files without having an account, meaning that anyone can quickly grab a copy of something useful without registering or waiting for approval.

5. Low cost

While torrenting itself may be free, some paid services exist for people who want more features or extra support for downloading large amounts of files at once – making this type of software ideal for anyone on a tight budget who needs reliable file-sharing capability without breaking the bank. Overall, torrenting can offer various benefits that make it an attractive choice for any modern internet user!

Factors to Consider in Choosing Torrenting Software

Factors to Consider in Choosing Torrenting Software

Ease of Use

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to torrenting software is the ease of use. After all, you don’t want to spend hours struggling with complex and confusing settings to get your downloads up and running.

Instead, it would help if you had a torrent client that is both intuitive and user-friendly to quickly and easily find the content you’re looking for. That’s why reliability, performance, and various features are critical when choosing the right torrenting software.


When choosing the best software for downloading and sharing torrents, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important aspects is the features that the software offers.

Features like built-in VPNs, tracker blocking, and bandwidth monitoring can help to improve your download speeds, protect your privacy, and keep you on the right side of copyright law.

Additionally, some software programs offer advanced settings or customization options that let you fine-tune your torrenting experience exactly how you want it.

A top-notch torrenting program will offer a robust selection of helpful features that give you greater control over your downloads and online activities.


There are many different factors to consider when choosing torrenting software, and one important consideration is pricing.

Different software options will have different price points, so it is important to evaluate them when making your decision.

After all, you want to get the most value for your money, and you must be getting the features you need rather than paying for added extras that may be of little use to you.

One thing to look out for is pricing tiers. Some software providers place different features into different pricing categories, so ensure you get all the functionality you need without having to pay for unnecessary extras.

You should also look at what kind of updates or support are provided with the software and any long-term contracts or subscription commitments. When done right, pricing can be an easy way to tell if a particular torrenting software is a right choice for your needs.

Effectiveness & Reliability

One factor that should always be considered when choosing a torrenting program is the software’s level of effectiveness and reliability.

After all, if a program doesn’t work as it should, it won’t be of much use to you. To ensure that your chosen software will deliver results, you should look for reviews from other users and try out the program before committing to it.

User Reviews

These reviews can provide valuable insight into the pros and cons of different programs and useful feedback on how the software has performed in real-life situations.

Additionally, reviews can often reveal hidden features or issues that might not be readily apparent at first glance at a program’s description.

By carefully considering user reviews, you can ensure you get the best possible torrenting software for your needs.


When it comes to torrenting, compatibility is essential. Whether you’re a new user looking for a simple, streamlined interface or an experienced user searching for advanced features and customization options, your torrenting software should work well with your devices and operating systems.

Otherwise, you may experience crashes and other issues that interfere with your download speeds and enjoyment of the torrenting process.

At the heart of this issue is compatibility with different file formats. Not all software supports all file formats equally well, so it’s important to choose a program with powerful encoding capabilities and smooth playback on different devices.

Additionally, it would help if you considered how efficiently your chosen software would handle large files without causing system slowdowns or even freezing up entirely.


How does Torrenting Software work?

Torrenting software transfers large files, such as movies and other media, across the internet. Most torrenting software uses a decentralized file-sharing system that allows users to quickly share and download files without relying on a central server.

This method of file sharing is much faster and more efficient than traditional methods of downloading and transferring large files, making it the ideal choice for anyone who needs to move large amounts of data online.

The key components of torrenting software include peer-to-peer networks, trackers that help coordinate the sharing process, and download clients that allow users to search for, download, and share files.

Torrenting software offers a fast and streamlined way to exchange digital information in today’s technologically interconnected world.

Is it safe to use Torrenting Client Software?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of torrenting software, with many people arguing that it is not safe.

However, there are several ways in which using torrenting software can be beneficial for your security.

For one thing, these programs help to encrypt and protect your data. At the same time, you are connected to the internet or transferring files across networks, keeping your personal information safe from being leaked or stolen.

Additionally, torrenting software often includes built-in antivirus protection, helping to prevent harmful viruses from infiltrating your system.

Therefore, although there are risks associated with using this type of program, it can also be a very effective way to protect yourself online.

Should I consider using free torrenting software?

There are many different options available when it comes to downloading music, videos, or books. Some people prefer to use popular streaming services like Spotify or Netflix, while others like downloading content directly from the source.

However, one option to consider is free torrenting software for those who want even greater control over what they download and how they do it.

This type of software allows you to browse and download from various sources in one place, making it easy to find and download exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re just getting started with using torrents or you’ve been doing it for years, this versatile tool can help you manage your downloads more effectively and improve your overall experience.

So if you’re considering using torrents to get your favorite content online, give free torrenting software a try!


When it comes to finding the best torrenting software, there can be no doubt that there are many options. With various features and tools to choose from, different users will look for different things in a torrenting platform.

However, one thing is clear: if you want to stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding market, you must ensure that your chosen platform is constantly updated and improved.

Whether it’s expanded functionality or enhanced security measures, the best torrenting platforms know that they must stay ahead of the curve to offer the very best user experience.

So if you’re looking for a powerful piece of software that will take your torrenting experience to new heights, consider this ten best torrenting software of 2022.

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